Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #12 The 2000 Year Dream

Game #12

The 2000 year Dream

This is a game sketch, so half points.

A military strategy game for 3-6 players.

The game is set during the Sino-Japanese War.
Players control the Beiyang Fleet, the Nanyang Fleet, the Fujian Fleet and the Guangzhou Fleet, as well as the associated armies. A fifth player controls the Japanese. If there is a sixth player, they control the Korean pro-Chinese forces (Korean pro-Japanese forces are controlled by the Japanese player.)

Each player has a win condition. If this is met, they win! Instantly.
If the Japanese player wins, all Chinese (and Korean) players lose.
If the Japanese player is driven off the board, all Chinese (and Korean) players share in victory.

Play focuses on establishing lines of control and supply chains to your troops. I’ll need to work on properly historical but game-balanced victory conditions for each of the Chinese players: at the moment I’m not exactly clear what the differences were that prevented cooperation amongst the Chinese navies.

Ideally, the Japanese are considerably more powerful, but can be defeated with mostly cooperation from most of the Chinese players.

Also ideally, there are rules for playing the game with the Japanese on auto-pilot.


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