Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #2 Dice Fighters

Game 2. Dice Fighters.

Each player takes three dice, in secret.
Roll them and reveal them. Who wins?
1) The highest die showing wins by STRIKE (one HIT), unless…
2) One or more players has two or more die results “in a row.” (such as 2, 3, 4). In which case they win by COMBO. If there are multiple COMBOs, the one with the lowest showing die wins. If there’s a tie among that, the longest combo wins. Otherwise, no one wins. COMBOs count for their length in hits (so 4, 5 is two HITs). unless…
3) If a non-number face is showing (like a skull or a rose or a target or a smiley face or some bullshit) that’s a REVERSE. REVERSE doesn’t count for winning and losing, but it reverses winners and losers … so the ranking becomes: COMBOs are the worst, and lowest showing die wins a STRIKE. If two or more REVERSEs are showing that’s a DOUBLE REVERSE which is the same as regular.

After each round, each player may swap out one die in their hand for another die of their choice.

Play until five HITs.


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