Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #7 Suwena

game #7
Suwena — A mancala variant.

Played in Ashwe. (attn: +AJ Luxton )

There are five pits on each side. Fill all pits on one side with black stones, all pits on the other side with white stones, four in each pit.

On your turn, you can pick up all the stones in one pit from your side of the board and deposit them in consecutive pits, ala standard Mancala rules. If you end on an empty pit, you must take another go and you must choose to distribute stones again (you can’t use this to score). If the pit you pick up has a combination of black and white stones, your opponent decides what order they are placed (in practice, the player whose turn it is points to a pit and the opponent distributes the stones.)

As an alternative to doing this, you may take all the stones in one pit on your side and place in them your scoring pile (you may not score an empty pit.)

Play lasts until one player cannot make a legal move (all pits in front of them are empty on their turn.)

Each pair of black and white stones scores 1 point.
Each unpaired black or white stone scores -1 point

revision: If you end on an empty pit, you automatically score all stones in the pit “across” from it, rather than taking an extra go.


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