Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #9 To The Esteemed Florists, In Our Hour of Need (A Nobilis Game)

Game #9

To The Esteemed Florists, In Our Hour of Need (A Nobilis Game) (attn and h/t +Jenna Moran )

A Garden ARG.

You are a person in the Nobilis setting. You are not yourself a Noble, nor do you necessarily have any awareness of the underlying fabric of reality. But you can speak the language of the Flowers.

You do not do this much. Flowers are quiet, and you are a busy, modern person (or perhaps you are whatever you are) and you do not have time to spend listening to and understanding each flowers.

But the Flowers have grown more and more desperate. Flowers, you see, cannot speak to one another — their voices are too meek to carry the distance between them. Their traditional messengers, the bees, are fewer, and fewer, dying of broken hearts for their own particular causes.

So you must, or rather, to play the game, you must decide to, fill in the gap.

Play: Go to a living flower. Don’t pick it! You’re not a barbarian. Lean in very closely, touch your ear softly against it, and listen until you hear what it has to say, and to what other flowers. Is it a missive of love? A declaration of revenge? Idle gossip? Political commentary? Whatever it is, you are the messenger.

Seek out the other flowers, and gently whisper to them, in the language of flowers spoken in wind and pollen. Give them their messages. Then listen, in turn, for their own.

Games ends when flowers have nothing more to say.


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