Hourly Game Day (Dev Purkayastha) presents … Kung Fu Masters: River of Ghosts: Living Campaign Edition

presents Kung Fu Masters: River of Ghosts: Living Campaign Edition

A derivative of Ben’s game:


My hack:

* You are always playing. KFM:LCE.

* Where normally you must spend “10 years training to defeat them” if you back down from a fight, this time is reduced to the purposely vague term of: “four seasons” of IRL time. Once this time has passed, either party may engage the other at any time.

* The first time you are killed, pick one relationship: student, spouse, child, parent. You are now portraying someone with this relationship to your deceased character who is out for revenge or answers. If this secondary character, is killed, you may select a different relationship from this list. Once you have used up all relationships on this list, you may only portray the ghost of your original character.

* If a living character engages a ghost, they immediately suffer an honorable or dishonorable loss, at the discretion of the ghost.

* If a ghost engages a ghost, they both immediately suffer a dishonorable loss.

* After 10 years, you may add an additional “child” to the list of relationships. In this way, a player who was removed from play may again challenge other characters.


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