Hourly Game Day (Dev Purkayastha) presents … Irradium Magnolia

#hourlygameday presents Irradium Magnolia

This is an ambient IRL ARG LARP for two players, one of whom portrays “Irradium”, the Chief Engineer of a post-apocalyptic village, and the other will portray “Magnolia”, a mysterious wandering gardener and the last of hir kind.

Every day: Magnolia will present a plant to Irradium. It can be a sprig of grass, an orange, or a fresh rose. Irradium must look on this and think: is it beautiful, and is it worth dying for? All of Magnolia’s plants are grown in the outside world, where things are poisoned and filled with deadly radiation.

If Irradium accepts the plant, zie dies and must appoint one of hir friends to be the new Chief Engineer (and to resume playing this game with Magnolia). Or, Irradium can “sanitize” the plant: cutting it into small places, microwaving it for several minutes, wrapping it an foil and discarding it so that it can harm no one.

Repeat daily.

If Magnolia stops giving out plants every day, it means that zie has died. She may attempt to recruit another player to take over as Magnolia so that the tradition of gardening continues.


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