Hourly Game Day (Filamena Young) Game #2 Is it a Hat?

Game 2: Is it a Hat?

Original Concept Stolen from All Babies Everywhere.

Players: Group of adults and one baby in a good mood. Or, all players may be replaced by a group of intoxicated adults. (As is often the case with Machine Age games.)

Game Play: Pick up an object. Demonstrate to the baby putting the object on your head. If possible, encourage baby to put said object on head. Ask, ‘is it a hat?’ excitedly. If it does not stay on head, it is not a hat. Otherwise, you have a hat.

Advanced Play: When playing with intoxicated adults (and do play responsibly) a bonus round of walking with the potential hat on head increases difficulty and assures if said object is, in fact, a hat. Winner is everyone who laughed.


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