Hourly Game Day (Filamena Young) Game #3 Evolution: The Home Game

Game 3: Evolution: The Home Game!

One person plays God.

All other players are split into two groups. One group will be providing Science! The other group will be providing Evolution! (This game could be especially fun if the Science! group is all adults, and the Evolution! group is made up of kids.)

God explains a problem. (My fingers get cold when I type. Ducks have no echo, and want one. Some dogs are allergic to their own fur. Hotdogs come in bags of eight, hotdog buns, in bags of twelve, wtf?)

First, the Science! team is up. After a brief discussion, they must explain ‘scientifically’ why the problem exists. If they can draw from real science, more the better. Wikipedia and twitter, white boards and any other means the Science! group can access are acceptable methods for describing the ‘why’ of the problem.

From the explanation, the Evolution! group must explain how people (or animals or hotdog buns) must evolve to get around the problem. Using science is good, but this round is about creativity. Clay models, legos, graphs and artistic renderings to get their point across are highly recommended.

God determines how many rounds are played. After that, she selects one team the winner based entirely on her whims. Because, yanno, God.

After ward, there should be cake.


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