Hourly Game Day (Joel Shempert) #5 Talking about World on the Edge with Mike Sugarbaker

Game 5: discussing game design over lunch with +Mike Sugarbaker.


1) Will form playtest group for my Smallville Gundam variant soon. (when my Sorcer Game concludes, most likely).

2) Will form G+ group for Go Play PDX.

3) Have possibly designed the first Move for World on the Edge:

Central Trait: _____________ (fill in a broad, mundane skillset)_

When you try do a Basic Move in a way that calls on your Mundane Skillset, Roll+[?]

On a 10+ you succeed wildly, demonstrating the value of tackling a problem in rational ways these crazy locals wouldn’t even think of. (as 10+ result for Basic Move in question)

On a 7-9, You do it, sure, but get yourself in over your head or embarrass yourself with a show of cluelessness or faux pas.

Sugarbaker-inspired alt version:

Central Trait: _____________ (fill in a broad, mundane skillset)_

When you call on your Mundane Skillset, do a Basic Move, and add + [?]

On a 12+, pick one:

You manifest your so-called mundane skills in bizarre and surreal ways, acting more like a native and momentarily forsaking the logic you thought you believed in. Take +1 Weird. If this causes Weird to tick over to +1, Mark XP and redefine your Central Trait to something appropriately stranger.

You assert your plain, common-sense competence, demonstrating the supremecy of clear thinking and rational problem-solving to these crazy locals. Take -1 Weird and Mark XP.


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