Hourly Game Day (Joel Shempert) Game #1 Midnight

Game 1: Midnight

(Midnight is both the time of writing and the name of game, naturally.)

The witching hour approaches, and your coven must wait for that one harmonious moment to enact the Sending that will bring peace and harmony to the land. But the clerics of the local abbey have stirred the townsfolk against you, and as you work your magic to usher in the new age you must also weave spells to ward off angry villagers.

If the Sending is botched, the land will be plunged into darkness. If the villagers break through, you will pay for this great work with your lives.

Materials: one d12, several d10s, and d4s, many d6s and glass beads.

Each player is a witch. Each of you take two d4s. These are your Spells, the inner essence you weave out of yourself to enact your design on the world.

For each player, set aside a d10. These are the Elemental Forces of the Universe that must be brought into harmony.

Set aside a d12 to mark the Hour.

To begin, roll the d12. Adjust the number down by 1, unless it already shows 1.

At all times, the number showing on the d12 is the Hour of the day, from one in the afternoon till midnight. On the turn when the Hour reaches Midnight, the Sending will take place.

Roll all the Elemental Forces, and leave them on the table in that facing.

Now, begin turns. All Witches are putting their utmost concentration into their spells, so they may not confer or advise on other Witches’ turns.

On each turn:

1) A new mob ov villagers advances on the grove. Roll a d6, and leave it on the table in that facing.

2) The Witch rolls her Spell dice.

3) She assigns each die to Sending or Warding. She may assign both to the same, if she wishes.
3b) she may choose, instead of adding beads, to subtract them, at a rate of half the die value (round down).

4) Any dice she assigns to Sending produce beads equal to the die result, to be placed by any one Elemental Force die she chooses.

5) Any dice she assigns to Warding produce beads equal to the die result, to be placed by any one Villager die she chooses.

When all the Witches have taken their turn, advance the Hour by one.

When the Hour advances to Twelve, each Witch MAY take one last turn, or pass.

If, at the end of the final turn, the Elemental Forces are EXACTLY EQUAL to the beads assigned to them, the cosmos is in balance and the golden age will begin!

If any Villager die is GREATER than the beads assigned to it, the villagers break through the wards of protection and slaughter the Witches in superstitious rage.

If any Villager die is HALF OR LESS the number of beads assigned to it, then blood is spilt by the Witches and the Golden Age is marred.


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