Hourly Game Day (Joel Shempert) Game #10 Jedi x Sith

Game 10: Jedi X sith with Jake Richmond and friends! I was the wise but suspicious Jedi Takamichi, who was saddled with the Wookiee Jedi Momoko as a tagalong on his mission to infiltrate a Hutt crime den in the bowels of Coruscant. Just because he got a bit scary with his Mind Trick, and force choked a lackey in the Hutt Crimelord’s palace as a show of strength in delicate negotiations, Momoko suspected I was a Sith infiltrator! After I crashed our getaway speeder in the selfless act of preventing our pursuers from colliding with a busload of Padawans, we were unable to reach the Temple with our evidence before the Hutt operation cleared out, but at least I allayed suspicion somewhat.

It turned out the real Infiltrator was the devil-may-care Twi’Lek Risa, whose callous disregard for Tusken life on a sensitive apprehension mission on Tatooine gave her sympathies away. Momoko apprehended her after a daring aerial chase and brought her, alive, to the Jedi Council for justice!


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