Hourly Game Day (Filamena Young) Game #2 Is it a Hat?

Game 2: Is it a Hat?

Original Concept Stolen from All Babies Everywhere.

Players: Group of adults and one baby in a good mood. Or, all players may be replaced by a group of intoxicated adults. (As is often the case with Machine Age games.)

Game Play: Pick up an object. Demonstrate to the baby putting the object on your head. If possible, encourage baby to put said object on head. Ask, ‘is it a hat?’ excitedly. If it does not stay on head, it is not a hat. Otherwise, you have a hat.

Advanced Play: When playing with intoxicated adults (and do play responsibly) a bonus round of walking with the potential hat on head increases difficulty and assures if said object is, in fact, a hat. Winner is everyone who laughed.


Hourly Game Day (Filamena Young) Game #1

Game 1: Dungeon Designer: Negative Space

You will need a tally sheet, a key or 3D puzzle piece of some sort and an egg timer. Each player will need a lump of clay. (Participation ribbons optional.)

Set the timer for 30 minutes. Reveal the key or puzzle piece. Instruct players that each one is to design the dungeon mechanism around the key. What would use that key, how would it operate. This is done by hand in clay.

There are no points for professionalism or clean lines. Instead, using applause or group approval, award each mechanism its own category of winning. Coming up with best award is a reward itself. (Most likely to kill the creator. Most likely to kill random adventurers. Meanest. Most whimsical. Most nonviolent solution and so on.)

If so inclined, bake or preserve the mechanisms as a fun take-home.