Hourly Game Day (Dev Purkayastha) presents … Kung Fu Masters: River of Ghosts: Living Campaign Edition

presents Kung Fu Masters: River of Ghosts: Living Campaign Edition

A derivative of Ben’s game:


My hack:

* You are always playing. KFM:LCE.

* Where normally you must spend “10 years training to defeat them” if you back down from a fight, this time is reduced to the purposely vague term of: “four seasons” of IRL time. Once this time has passed, either party may engage the other at any time.

* The first time you are killed, pick one relationship: student, spouse, child, parent. You are now portraying someone with this relationship to your deceased character who is out for revenge or answers. If this secondary character, is killed, you may select a different relationship from this list. Once you have used up all relationships on this list, you may only portray the ghost of your original character.

* If a living character engages a ghost, they immediately suffer an honorable or dishonorable loss, at the discretion of the ghost.

* If a ghost engages a ghost, they both immediately suffer a dishonorable loss.

* After 10 years, you may add an additional “child” to the list of relationships. In this way, a player who was removed from play may again challenge other characters.


Hourly Game Day (Dev Purkayastha) presents … Irradium Magnolia

#hourlygameday presents Irradium Magnolia

This is an ambient IRL ARG LARP for two players, one of whom portrays “Irradium”, the Chief Engineer of a post-apocalyptic village, and the other will portray “Magnolia”, a mysterious wandering gardener and the last of hir kind.

Every day: Magnolia will present a plant to Irradium. It can be a sprig of grass, an orange, or a fresh rose. Irradium must look on this and think: is it beautiful, and is it worth dying for? All of Magnolia’s plants are grown in the outside world, where things are poisoned and filled with deadly radiation.

If Irradium accepts the plant, zie dies and must appoint one of hir friends to be the new Chief Engineer (and to resume playing this game with Magnolia). Or, Irradium can “sanitize” the plant: cutting it into small places, microwaving it for several minutes, wrapping it an foil and discarding it so that it can harm no one.

Repeat daily.

If Magnolia stops giving out plants every day, it means that zie has died. She may attempt to recruit another player to take over as Magnolia so that the tradition of gardening continues.

Hourly Game Day (Dev Purkayastha) presents … Ex Augmentae

hourlygameday presents Ex Augmentae, a game of self-improvement.

You start at Power Level 0; your power level can never go below zero. Your goal is to get as high a power lvel as possible. Each day, you must choose one of the following:

* Do Nothing: You lose half your Power Level at the end of the day.

* Improve: Take an action to improve yourself. (Eat something healthy, work out, read a book.) Gain +1 power level, with an additional +1 bonus for each consecutive day that you’ve chosen Improve.

* Sidestep: Take a self-destructive action of your choosing. (Eat something fried, start smoking, drinking during the day.) Gain +1 power level, with an additional +1 bonus for each consecutive day that you’ve chosen Sidestep. However, you can only choose this option if your side-step action is worse — more destructive — than the previous day’s action.

* Demand: Find another player with a lower power rating than yourself. Give them the command: Improve or Sidestep. If they take this action, both you and the other player double your power levels. If they do not take this action, you both lose half your power level.


as you gain enough power level, cool things will happen, like achievements but different

Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #2 Dice Fighters

Game 2. Dice Fighters.

Each player takes three dice, in secret.
Roll them and reveal them. Who wins?
1) The highest die showing wins by STRIKE (one HIT), unless…
2) One or more players has two or more die results “in a row.” (such as 2, 3, 4). In which case they win by COMBO. If there are multiple COMBOs, the one with the lowest showing die wins. If there’s a tie among that, the longest combo wins. Otherwise, no one wins. COMBOs count for their length in hits (so 4, 5 is two HITs). unless…
3) If a non-number face is showing (like a skull or a rose or a target or a smiley face or some bullshit) that’s a REVERSE. REVERSE doesn’t count for winning and losing, but it reverses winners and losers … so the ranking becomes: COMBOs are the worst, and lowest showing die wins a STRIKE. If two or more REVERSEs are showing that’s a DOUBLE REVERSE which is the same as regular.

After each round, each player may swap out one die in their hand for another die of their choice.

Play until five HITs.

Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #3 Kung Fu Masters

Game 3: Kung Fu Masters

You are two kung fu masters who have met for the first time. Because of circumstances, you must fight to the death.

Take up a fighting stance, then meet each other’s eyes. Each of you must now play out the fight in your mind. Imagine what your opponent is going to do, how you counter, how they, in turn, counter you, and so on and so forth.

If you reach the conclusion that you will lose the fight, nod in acknowledgement of their superior skill and back down. You will spend your next 10 years training to defeat them. This is an honorable loss.

If you reach the conclusion that you will defeat them, strike now! As soon as you move to strike, they have the initiative and will defeat you. This is a dishonorable loss.

If you both back down at the same time, this is a friendship move. You will train together and become brothers-in-arms.

If you both strike at the same time, this is a mutual kill. Sad for you.

If one strikes and one yields simultaneously, the one who strikes is the winner, and must live with the regret of what they have done.

Hourly Game Day (Ben Lehman) Game #5 If This Was the Internet Age, I’d Totally Be A Gangster With A Bad-ass Assault Rifle

Game #5

If this was the internet age, I would totally be a gangster with a bad-ass assault rifle.
A game whose title is also an example of play.

You play the first generation of kids born to human colonists on GJ 667Cc. Life is super-boring. To pass the time, you imagine how much cooler life would have been if you had been born 2000 years ago, during the internet age.

Everyone takes turns reminiscing about the internet age, except when they fail to take turns, or fail to talk about the internet age. Prizes go to:
Most emo
Best reminiscence
Saddest present-day life
Most hilarious historical error.