Hourly Game Day (Nathan McCoy) Game #1 PACT

Game 1: PACT
You will need: 2 or more players, handfuls of six-sided dice of two different colors

One player takes the role of GAMEMASTER, responsible for guiding the story and inflicting hardships on the players’ characters. Each other player takes the role of an ORDINARY HUMAN who has made a MYSTERIOUS PACT with DARK FORCES in order to do what they can to forestall the tide of ELDRITCH HORRORS that seek to DEVOUR REALITY.

Each HUMAN starts with a pool of five SOUL DICE (the lighter-colored ones). Whenever a player wants to do something that might fail, the GAMEMASTER chooses a DIFFICULTY between 1 and 5 – difficulty 1 tasks being nearly trivial, difficulty 5 tasks being extremely difficult. The player then rolls their SOUL DICE, counting the dice that show 4 or higher as SUCCESSES. If the number of SUCCESSES exceeds the DIFFICULTY, the task is accomplished successfully. If not, the player may decide that their character fails in the task, OR draw upon their DARK PACT and roll any number of additional POWER DICE (the darker-colored ones), adding any of them that show 4 or higher to their SUCCESSES. If the total SUCCESSES still do not exceed the difficulty, the character fails the task anyway.

HOWEVER: Regardless of the outcome of the roll, if any of the POWER DICE come up 1, that character permanently loses SOUL DICE equal to the number of 1s on the POWER DICE.

When a character no longer has SOUL DICE, they become a HORROR under the control of the GAMEMASTER, that when opposing the player characters poses a DIFFICULTY equal to the number of POWER DICE rolled in the last roll the character made (this can exceed the usual limit of 5).

The game ends when all of the HUMANS die or become HORRORS, or when REALITY is DEVOURED.


Hourly Game Day (Nathan McCoy) Game #2 meta breakfast edition

meta breakfast edition (game 2):

Eat some sugary cereal for breakfast. As you do, ponder the “game” on the back of the cereal box. Before you finish eating, design a game that would be more fun than that game, using only the components mentioned on the box (word search puzzle, cut-out pieces of the box, stray marshmallow bits, whatever it calls for), Play it.

Hourly Game Day (Nathan McCoy) Game #5 Star Pokegioh of the Five Gatherings

Game 5: Star Pokegioh of the Five Gatherings
Gather a variety of cards from at least three different collectible card games that none of the players are familiar with. Shuffle them all together and divide them into roughly-equal-sized decks for each player. Attempt to discern and play by the rules implied by the cards.

Winner is determined by consensus once everyone gives up.

Hourly Game Day (Nathan McCoy) Game #4 Do Anything Thoroughly

Game 4: Do Anything Thorougly
A game for any number of players
You will need: a shortage of good ideas, ability to commit
Find something that ought to be done. Figure out what needs to happen in order to make it be done (this is as simple as defining what “done” means). Pick a doneness prerequisite and implement it as thoroughly as possible, without worrying about quality of inspiration or creative style. Points are scored for efficiency and directness. Iterate.
When the something is entirely done, reflect on the result. Consider how it might have turned out differently with more forethought.
Whoever is most successful wins.