Hourly Game Day (Dev Purkayastha) presents … Intrigue in Dunn Deagro

#hourlygameday presents Intrigue in Dunn Deagro.

[a pseudo-retro-D&D-clone, imagined with a different focus]

Dunn Deagro is a decadent city built into a steep cliff above a great river leading to fertile farmlands and eager traders. It is, at once, the light of the world and its most debased nadir. Its spires go high into the atmosphere, where only the most esteemed princes are allowed to tread. Most common folk start down below, in hovels and shacks built into the rock of the cliff itself – and it is here where you will start.

With your band of rogues and mercenaries, you will attempt a series of delves to pursue wealth and fulfill contracts. Who knows what you will find in the forbidden vaults, stockroom and chambers of Dunn Deagro?


* Engineer: for the player favoring planning and stewardship. Construct 1-3 mechanical minions to do your bidding, while augmenting your own abilities. If your

* Chemist: for the player favoring improvisational adaption. With your alchemists kit, you can find a poison, concoction or potion for just about any problem.

* Brigand: for the player who likes to get things done simply. (Ideal for new players!) Whether you favor the blade or a the sling, you’re the bit of grit that any operation needs.

* Duelist: for the player that likes to leap into trouble. Your words and smile are as sharp as your blade, and that just may be enough to keep you alive.
* Adept: for the player who likes to delve into the weird and unpredictable world of psionic potential.